Mia Heresch



The moderator Mia Heresch has focused her content on the areas of climate justice, equality and animal protection and combines these with her heart's topic of music. In her podcast "Gleich & Gleicher", she devotes herself to these. You can listen to Mia every morning on Großstadtradio. As the founder of the music is her passion society e.V., she is committed to equality in music. As a freelance presenter and format developer she inspires her audience on stage and in front of the camera in various formats.


13:20 bis 14:00 Uhr

Stage 1
— Kino 1

So near, yet so far - how can we effectively integrate incoming international professionals?

War, climate disasters and the prospect of a better economic future are forcing many people from abroad to Germany every year. What could be a blessing for many companies comes with a number of challenges. How can we use immigration in the context of a shortage of skilled workers? How can we make our working world more diverse and eliminate access barriers for international talents? We would like to discuss this with the panelists.

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