Juan Aguilar



Foto: Marie Staggat

Juan Aguilar works as Composers’ Manager at Paradise Worldwide, where he deals with artists with publishing and distribution potential to create strategies that enable them to receive increasing traction worldwide. Alongside these tasks, Aguilar creates partnerships between private and public sector organisations, mainly operating in Colombia, South Africa and Germany, in order to build bridges for cultural exchange.


11:00 bis 12:00 Uhr

Stage 2
— Kino 2

The Impact Generation: how to approach and win GenY & Z

A new generation has entered the music and media business and they seem to be very different from the generations before: conscious for cultural differences, driven by sustainability and perfectly aware of the need to balance work and life properly. We are going to discuss with the participants of this session, how they would describe this new generation in terms of goals, values and culture, and what support young professionals (can) expect from companies, institutions and universities to reach their goals.

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