Jennifer Porto



Foto: Olga Blackbird

Jennifer Porto came to Germany in 2005 as a Fulbright scholar studying music in Leipzig, and never looked back. After a successful performing career as a soprano, she started working in higher education in 2018, and is currently the Arts Coordinator at NYU Berlin.


11:00 bis 12:00 Uhr

Stage 2
— Kino 2

The Impact Generation: how to approach and win Gen Y&Z

A new generation has entered the music and media business and they seem to be very different from the generations before: conscious for cultural differences, driven by sustainability and perfectly aware of the need to balance work and life properly. We are going to discuss with the participants of this session, how they would describe this new generation in terms of goals, values and culture, and what support young professionals (can) expect from companies, institutions and universities to reach their goals. 

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